Volunteer Park Observatory Engagement Session, Engagement Photographer Seattle, Engagement Photo Ideas Seattle, Captured by Candace Photography

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Volunteer Park Observatory Engagement Session

Volunteer Park Observatory Engagement Session, Engagement Photographer Seattle, Engagement Photo Ideas Seattle, Captured by Candace Photography

An easy going engagement session at Volunteer Park Observatory with Kat & David’s two fur babies! To see more details, or to book your engagement session, click here.

Working with Kat and David on their Volunteer Park Observatory Engagement photos was such a joy.

I love to connect with my couples ahead of their wedding day. In fact, connecting with my couples is one of the cornerstones of my brand. One of the things most important about forming that connection is working with them on an engagement session. Kat and David are located in Portland, so I knew it would take a bit of advance planning to make their session happen ahead of their wedding. At one point, I was in Portland myself and reached out hoping they would be available to schedule their engagement session. Unfortunately, scheduling wouldn’t permit it, but I was able to meet up with Kat! We connected over a fun coffee date and got to know each other better. It was a fun way to be in each other’s space in a more relaxed way, before working together on her photography experience.

Fast forward to the day before their wedding and Kat & David drove in from Portland to meet me for their Volunteer Park Observatory Engagement photos. It was about a three-hour drive from where they were. And they came directly to me after being on the road! I was thankful for their willingness to shoot the very night before the wedding. I have to admit, time was on our side that day! From the time they arrived; with their two sweet fur babies in two, to meeting at Volunteer Park Observatory, their engagement photos were filled with the most stunning light.

Do you want to plan a light-filled engagement session at Volunteer Park Observatory?

You can reach out to me here. Or, to find out even more about the experience I offer, click here!

My main goal in scheduling this session with Kat and David was to get to know them on a more personal level ahead of their wedding, while also photographing them. Being in front of the camera can feel so intimidating. That connection allows my clients the ease of working with someone they already feel comfortable with, which reduces wedding day nerves and allows them to be present in the moment. It was just an added bonus that we happened to meet right around sunset that day for gorgeous light-filled photos. I have always maintained that sometimes, photographing couples in Seattle is more about finding and knowing how to work with the light. That gorgeous golden glow was out in full effect when I met up with Kat and David and I was more than happy to soak up every moment of it for them.

Knowing that it was the night before their wedding, I also wanted to approach Kat & David’s Volunteer Park Observatory engagement photos with ease. Keeping a relaxed, laid-back flow to their session allowed us to explore the park at our own pace. We walked the grounds with their two furbabies, enjoyed the fragrant gardens, and even climbed the stairway of the tower. Our time together was all about moving at a pace that worked for them while soaking up these final minutes before they were joined in marriage. I’ve included some of my favorite light-filled photos in the blog below and you’ll get to see everything. Including the sweet hand-holding, adorable fur babies, and our stroll through the park. Keep scrolling for more!

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