Tips for Couples Photography Seattle, Seattle Engagement Photographer, Seattle Couples Photographer, Captured by Candace

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Top 5 Tips for Couples Photography in Seattle

Tips for Couples Photography Seattle, Seattle Engagement Photographer, Seattle Couples Photographer, Captured by Candace

I was featured on New Day Northwest and asked to share my top tips for couples photography in Seattle! Click to see more.

I am so excited to share that I was asked to speak on New Day Northwest! During my segment, they asked me all about my best tips for couples photography in Seattle. You can watch my segment above, and keep reading for more of my insights as a couples photographer in Seattle.

Tips for Couples Photography Seattle, Seattle Engagement Photographer, Seattle Couples Photographer, Captured by Candace
Photo by Alexandra Knight, Edit by Captured by Candace, Makeup by Allegra la Bella

1) Let’s Get Outside!

I like my time with my couples to feel like an adventure. I start by finding out what is most meaningful to you. Where did you have your first date? Where do you walk your dog? Or, what is your favorite local coffee spot? Focusing on a location that is unique to you creates the experience of telling your story. Once we have our location in hand, my next tip for couples photography in Seattle is to avoid clutter! I want to make sure that you and your partner are not in the direct line of street traffic, foot traffic, trash cans, or anything else in our setting that will detract from keeping the focus on you! 

While we are keeping the focus squarely on you, avoiding that clutter will also help us draw in the beautiful backdrops in the historic streets of Seattle. Whether we select Pioneer Square, Ballard, or Pike Place, the architectural lines in every corner will help shape the scene of your photo shoot. Each building has its own history which will now be tied to your story.

2) Choose a Location

As a Seattle native, I know all the hidden gems, nooks, and crannies of the city! Some of my favorite outdoor locations to capture couples photography include Pioneer Square, Downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market, and Ballard. Pike Place has beautiful dimensions and a couple’s photo shoot here can easily feel like a night out in the city! We’ll stop by the iconic sign, of course, and take a short walk along the pier.

But, there are so many little alleyways in Pike Place that are just as beautiful as the iconic locations that came to your mind when you thought of Pike Place! Another one of my favorite tips for couples photography in Seattle is to head to Ballard. Market Street is a gorgeous location lined with small businesses. We can pop into your favorite coffee shop and sit down and enjoy your favorite brew as part of your session.

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3) Follow the Light

I know that Seattle is not exactly known for it’s light. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, we are known the world over for our rain. But the light is there if we just follow it. So number three on my list of tips for couples photography in Seattle is to follow the light. The key to getting the best light all comes down to planning. If we can schedule your session for golden hour (right before sunset) the light will be at its most optimal.

Of course, the best hour to shoot will vary depending on the season.

The second part about finding light to compliment you during your session; is to find the right light. We can use the structures around the city to highlight you in all the most flattering ways before the sun sets for the evening.

4) Dress For Your Session

Wondering what to wear to your couples session? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! One of the biggest tips I can give you about couples photography in Seattle is to plan your wardrobe. You cannot go wrong with solids and neutrals! If you want to add in a pop of color, make sure it is complementary to what your partner is wearing. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, but it does need to complement their attire.

You want to avoid clothing with busy patterns at all costs! One of the cool elements about shooting couples photography in Seattle is that we get to use the stunning views and architecture as your backdrop. We want to use those backdrops to our advantage while making sure that the focus is still on you. So while neutral tones and solid color outfits may seem boring on the surface, they are one of the best ways to make your photos pop! 

5) Be In The Moment

One of the questions I always get from my couples when I initially speak to them is “Will you tell us how to pose”? You might be surprised to hear that my answer is usually no. At least, not in the way you might be thinking of! I want to celebrate each of my couples and their unique story. So coming in with stiff cookie-cutter poses is not my thing.

The focus of your photo shoot will be on creating personal, interactive, intimate moments. Our approach will be similar to a date night activity. I want you to kick back and have fun and forget about the camera. Go for a walk while holding hands, have a laugh, sip your coffee, or grab a slice of pizza. All the things you would normally do together. And the biggest thing to remember is to keep the focus, on your partner!

Those were my top tips for couples photography in Seattle!

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