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Welcome! I'm Candace, the lead photographer and founder of Captured by Candace. I created CBC for vibrant and authentic couples like you. 

In 2017, the birth of my son drove me to take a break from corporate America to focus on my family. In doing that, my passion for photography couldn't be ignored and I decided to establish my business and share my love with others! 

At Captured by Candace, we are dedicated to providing quality, inclusive wedding photography for couples of all backgrounds. As a Black wedding photographer and founder, I understand the importance of being featured in your photos as true reflections of who you are as individuals and partners. With my skillful lighting techniques, I'm proud to offer vibrant, authentic photos that make you and your partner shine!

I'm a mother, academic, extroverted introvert, and recovering chocolate addict. I was born and raised in Seattle and know all the sweet spots for the best wedding and engagement photoshoots.

If you're an easy-going couple who values connection and you are looking for a skilled photographer who's professional, but feels more like a friend than a wedding vendor, I'm your girl! 

I'm so glad You're here!

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☆ I'm actually from Seattle! I was born and raised here. I'm a Garfield High and UW alum...I bleed purple

☆ I have two sweet, unique, and witty children. They're ten years apart! Currently 17 & 6.

☆  I'm the happiest when I'm exploring and traveling

☆  The Harlem renaissance is one of my favorite time periods because it highlights forms of excellent African-American Artistry, such as photography, poetry, and music.


☆ I equally love imagining the imagery associated with novels as well as visualizing the imagery in films! My favorite genres are black sci-fi and black historical fiction.

☆ My last job before becoming a full-time entrepreneur was in Clinical Research supporting cancer trials

☆I will personally only shoot 15 weddings a year. The type of commitment I give my couples requires me to be fully present! I have an associate team that helps me serve more awesome couples each year

 since I was 4



My favorite drink is

Coffee and morning breaks

I can't live without

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coffee or wine?

introverted extrovert

introvert or extrovert?

at the beach

my perfect day will be

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um, both. Duh!

coffee or wine?

introverted extrovert

introvert or extrovert?

in the sun

my perfect day will be

glasses  since I was 4



My favorite drink is

Coffee  and 
morning breaks

I can't live without

the fun facts

Fun facts

Over the years , I've found that couples who work with me love to laugh and have a good time!  Most are inexperienced models (lol) who have never had their photos taken professionally. However, they are open to my process and up for almost anything! When we get together, I make you feel comfortable, we have  fun, and together we create photos that are a true reflection of your relationship!

1. are a light-hearted duo who loves to enjoy themselves! 

More than a huge celebration with too many guests to count and faces you haven't seen in years, you value the real, intimate connection between you and your partner. You've been looking forward to spending time together with your partner on your wedding day, and it's a major priority for the both of you.

Whether it's an intimate wedding, elopement, or wedding with hundreds of guests, you still want the celebration of your union to feel intimate - with your closesest community and support system.

2. Value Real Connections

If you've seen my photos on social media or in my portfolio, you should know that I love color! Clean, vibrant colors are my jam should be celebrated! More importantly, I use them to bring the organic nature of your love and friendship to life! When you look at my photos , I want you to see the depth of what my clients are feeling.

...and guess what? Just like my photos, I'm vibrant too! I smile a lot and bring tons of energy to your wedding day!

3. Are Vibrant


You're my people if

I can't wait to meet you!

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