The Corson Building Wedding Seattle, LGBTQ Wedding Photographer Seattle, Corson Building Photos

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The Corson Building Wedding Seattle

The Corson Building Wedding Seattle, LGBTQ Wedding Photographer Seattle, Corson Building Photos

Steph & Lauren’s wedding at The Corson Building in Seattle was a beautiful Sunday night celebration filled with intention and unqiue elements.

Steph and Lauren’s wedding at The Corson Building in Seattle was a beautiful Sunday night celebration. Their wedding was a testament to the love they share, forged through friendship, filled with intentionality, and encased in unique aspects that drew elements from their personalities.

To watch a couple come together in love is always such a blessing. But to witness, firsthand, a couple who above all else are truly best friends, come together in marriage, is a moment I will never take for granted. I first shared a bit about Steph and Lauren’s story back when I blogged about their engagement session. I talked a bit about their shared love of cosplay and their adoration for the creative world. But to step inside their world, through their wedding day, is a joy I will never forget. 

Steph and Lauren are a couple who enjoy life’s journey side by side. On their wedding day, they decided to spend the first part of the day getting ready together. They styled each other’s hair; by the way, they have identical hair cuts, how cool is that? Lauren fastened Steph’s statement necklace to make sure the placement was perfect with the ornate jewelry peaking out from underneath her collar. And the attire they wore on their wedding day at The Corson Building in Seattle? It was completely custom. Lauren sourced fabric to create their outfits, while her corset was a custom piece created for her by Period Corsets.

When it was time to head to the ceremony, Steph and Lauren came down the aisle, together.

A beautiful visual reminder of the love they share. But, before it was time to be married, there was one important stop that had to be made. To cut the cake during dinner, Steph and Lauren commissioned a custom sword. Their friend was on hand to present them with the sword. I have to admit, it was the most epic way to cut a wedding cake that I’ve ever seen!

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Intentional and specific are the two words that come to mind when I think of Steph and Luaren’s wedding ceremony at The Corson Building. Their vows were personalized and they wove several moments into their wedding ceremony that were meaningful and personal to them. To honor Lauren’s Jewish heritage, the couple took turns reading verses for the several blessings.

To add another unique spin to their wedding ceremony, their guests were all asked to stand. Each guest had the opportunity to speak about Steph and Lauren’s love, to wish them well, and to shower them with a sense of community and support as they embarked on becoming married. To end the ceremony, there was one final tradition to make it all official, the stomping of the glass! The cheers that erupted from their guests were a ringing out of joy, signaling that it was time to spend the rest of the night in celebration.

The Corson Building in Seattle is a historic building originally constructed in 1926. Today, the intimate home, nestled among a secret garden, is a wedding venue that provides an epicurious experience. All of the dishes are made in-house and Steph and Lauren’s wedding day was filled with delectable options from cocktail hour up until it was time to dig into the cake. Their intimate dinner celebration provided space for their guests at a long family-style table that was set up al fresco style. There were beautiful toasts made by Laurens’s family, silly moments shared with friends, and beautifully intimate newlywed moments shared between Steph & Lauren. You can see all the details of their wedding at The Corson Building in Seattle when you scroll through the photos below.


Seattle Wedding Photographer | Captured by Candace

Venue | The Corson Building

Catering | The Corson Building

Cake | Morfeys Cake

Makeup | Allegra La Bella

Attire | Made by Lauren! Corsets, Fabric

Rings | Digby & Iona

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