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LGBTQ Tacoma Wedding

LGBTQ Tacoma Wedding, Marriott Tacoma Downtown Wedding, LGBTQ Wedding Venues Seattle

An LGBTQ wedding in Tacoma with a beautiful winter theme. You can see more details of Courtney & Lexi’s details here.

Courtney and Lexi are officially married and their LGBTQ wedding in Tacoma was full of emotion, affectionate moments, and one great big I do crew! 

My journey with Courtney and Lexi goes all the way to before their engagement, if you can believe it! At the time, I was working with another couple of mine, Jayda, and Christian, on their Four Seasons Seattle wedding. Well, it just so happens that Courtney is Jayda’s cousin. During Jayda and Christian’s rehearsal dinner, Lexi pulled me aside to chat about her plans to pop the question to Courtney. We laid the plans to get in touch after Jayda & Christian’s big day and put things in motion from there.

As it happens, Courtney and Lexi got engaged in Disneyland, They agreed to make it a forever kind of thing in front of the iconic castle with all of their family and friends at their side. You might be thinking that together Courtney and Lexi are big Disney fans. But the truth is, they share a relationship that is romantic, playful, fun, and one where they are truly each other’s best friend. In short, they are absolutely smitten with one another and their dynamic is something I have had the honor of witnessing since before their engagement, right up to their wedding day.

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My first time working with Courtney and Lexi was during their downtown engagement photoshoot in Seattle. They had a unique idea in mind for the session, which was to re-create their first date. As luck would have it, their first date got “snowed in”. Not wanting to cancel their first date, they opted to spend the night in a hotel room. However, the only thing open during the snowstorm was a nearby 7/11. So, to make the most of their night, they grabbed a few cup of noodles and hung back in their room playing board games. And that first date? It was on Valentine’s Day!

Knowing how enchanting Courtney and Lexi’s love story is, I was excited to see what their LGBTQ wedding in Tacoma would bring. They planned a wedding day inspired by the season with winter decor and rich green tones. Their ceremony and reception were candlelit and each guest setting included a “jingle” bell to ring in place of the traditional clinking of the glasses. Those are the design details. But the details that will pull right at your heartstrings are so much more than that.

During the getting ready process, Lexi ran into a snag with getting her tie to cooperate. Needing assistance to make it perfect for her first look with Courtney, it was actually Courtney’s brother Anthony who stepped in. It was so sweet to see him step up and help out when Lexi needed it, but he had a surprise of his own in store once her tie was sorted out. I think it was something along the lines of “Hey sis, look!”, it was then that we got a glimpse of Anthony’s pride rainbow socks. It was such a beautiful gesture of support for Courtney and Lexi on their wedding day.

Courtney & Lexi’s Tacoma wedding day details

With Lexi and Courtney both dressed and ready, I set them up for their first look. The look on each of their faces (and yes, you’ll get to see it below!) when they set eyes on each other for the first time on their wedding day, was pure unbounded joy! There are always these moments in a wedding day that are so telling of what a couple shares. While I already knew how Courtney and Lexi expressed their love to one another, I felt this moment between them was one they would turn into a memory for a lifetime.

Their wedding ceremony was equally beautiful. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that Lexi took me by surprise when she came running down the aisle on her way to the altar to wed Courtney! She was all smiles on the way in, but happy tears during the vows. Courtney and Lexi recited personal wedding vows and Lexi could not hold back the steam of happy tears while Courtney poured her heart out. 

Courtney and Lexi’s wedding reception took their wedding day from heart-melting moments to fun on the dance floor. Actually, Lexi and her mom even planned a fun, on-trend, choreographed dance. The wedding DJ led them and their guests on the dance floor in a round of the electric slide, and kids of all ages grabbed glowing thundersticks to dance the night away with. You can see all the details of Courtney and Lexi’s LGBTQ Tacoma wedding through the photos below.


LGBTQ Wedding Photographer Seattle | Captured by Candace Photography

Venue | Marriott Tacoma Downtown

Rings | Fred Meyer Jewelry

Hair & Makeup Artist | IM Artistry

DJ | Puget Sounds DJ Kelli

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